Disbrow Derby 2022


Friday, July 15th

5:15PM Front Field - TEB (W) vs. New Rochelle Knights

6PM Back Field - Rye Grays 14U (W) vs. Hardball 14U

Saturday, July 16th

Front Field

10AM Stamford (W) vs. Hardball 14U

12:30PM Rye Grays 15U (W) vs. Hardball 15U

Back Field

9AM New Rochelle Knights (W) vs. Hardball 15U

11:30AM Rye Grays 14U vs. CT Kings (W)

2PM CT Kings (W) vs. Stamford

4:30PM TEB vs. Rye Grays 15U (W)

Silver Bracket - FRONT FIELD at Disbrow Park

9AM - Rye Grays 14U vs. Hardball 15U (W)

11:30AM - TEB (W) vs. Hardball 14U

2PM - Winner of 9AM game vs. Winner of 11:30AM game

Hardball 15U Silver Bracket Champions

Championship Bracket - BACK FIELD at Disbrow Park

9:30AM - Rye Grays 15U (W) vs. Stamford

12PM - CT Kings (W) vs. New Rochelle Knights

2:30PM - Winner of 9:30AM game vs. Winner of 12PM game

CT Kings 15U Championship Bracket Champions - 1-0 Victory over Rye Grays 15U

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